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Work Hard. Play Hard. Look Fabulous.

The school year means lots of late nights (studying in the library, of course) followed by early morning classes. Our college survival kit will make it look like you got your beauty sleep, even when you didn’t go to bed until the sun came up.

In The Cabinet

[five times rin wakes haruka up]


"there was literally no reason for rin and haru to share a bed.  it was a fanfiction trope.  it was nothing but a shameless fanfiction trope." - everyone who watched that episode probably


Rin wakes up, and the bed is too small.

He’s used to sleeping stretched out, letting his limbs splay out in every direction — he likes having his hands and feet dangling off the edges, likes how it feels almost as though he’s floating on a calm lake in the middle of summer.  But now, the mattress is too hard, and the blankets are too tight, and there is something — there is a weight on his chest, pushing him down and smothering him.

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